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Each session is curated to your individual needs. Whether you’re hoping to achieve a dramatic transformation with extensions or simply looking for the confidence-boost that comes with having fuller hair, my approach to extensions is one of the most gentle options among non-temporary extensions methods and deliver the most natural-looking results.


For the discerning woman seeking to enhance her natural hair length with added volume and texture, our Polish selection offers a luxurious solution. It provides substantial fullness while necessitating minimal daily maintenance, embodying effortless elegance and sophistication.


*Commonly known as 1 row

*Expected Maintenance: 6-8 weeks


Most popular service! Ideal for the woman whose hair is at least to her collarbone and would like to add length. This allows for both dramatic results and ease of day-to-day maintenance.


*Commonly known as 2 rows

*Expected maintenance: 6-8 weeks


Ideal for the woman desiring maximum thickness and length. Or her natural hair is very thick or has short layers that require additional hair to achieve a natural looking result.


*Commonly known as 3 rows

*Expected Maintenance: 6-8 weeks

All services include Clarification Treatment, Deep Conditioner Protein Treatment and Scalp Massage. $130 Value


Embracing the beauty of highlights, we understand your desire for effortlessly chic highlights that brighten your look while keeping salon visits to a delightful minimum. Our bespoke highlight offerings are all about enhancing your natural allure with a touch of sun-kissed radiance.

$200-$550 | 3 -5 Hours

Dimensional Color

Lived in Color, we love low-maintenance hair color. Less salon visits + healthier hair? Yes please! Our custom foil packages include. Consultations, always. Made-for-you foil placement. Glossed to perfection. Trim, haircut and styling sesh.

$250-$550 | 3 - 5 Hours

Root Touch Up

Because even your hair deserves a flawless touch-up. Embrace the root of the matter with style – because the only thing we want showing roots is a plant, not your hair!

$150 Roots Only | 1.5 Hours

$180 Roots + Gloss | 2 Hours

Lunch Time Touch Up

Zip in, zip out! The perfect quick fix for those pesky roots. In just 45 minutes, we'll tackle up to a quarter-inch of growth and have you back to your day in no time. And don't worry, we won't let you leave without a swift styling session to make sure you're looking fabulous. Fast, efficient, and oh-so-chic!

$80 | 45 -60 Minute Service

All services include Clarification Treatment, Deep Conditioner Protein Treatment and Scalp Massage. $130 Value